Website First Impression Confidence Checklist

First impression confidence like a child pretending to be a superhero.

Here’s a Website First Impression Checklist for confidence in your website. With most of these to-do’s checked off your list, your website will provide you with more confidence in networking and sales.

Does your website put your best face forward when people find you online? Does it make potential customers feel confident hiring you? Does it show your value and trustworthiness? If not, implement this checklist so you can be proud to share your website with the world.

Start Chipping Away At It Today

After working on this list over time, consistently, you will feel better handing someone your business card with your website on it. It will finally feel good to insist someone go check out your website. Your website confidence may even be able to attract potential employees more efficiently.

Website First Impression Checklist

  1. The page loads in a reasonable amount of time (Count two seconds. If nothing is visible by then, it needs some work.)
  2. The website does not contain malware
  3. The website is not blacklisted by Google for being hacked
  4. The website has an SSL certificate applied (It has the padlock; it does not say “insecure”)
  5. The website software has been updated and cared for on a regular basis
  6. Header includes a branded logo
  7. Footer includes a copyright notice and privacy policy
  8. Footer includes contact information and, if relevant, your physical address
  9. Site navigation is clearly, logically labeled and content is where one would expect it to be
  10. Pages are visually well-organized
  11. Nothing appears to be “broken”, odd-looking or out of place
  12. All buttons and links work and go to the appropriate pages
  13. Fonts on the page follow a system. There are only one or two typefaces used.
  14. Fonts are not too small for modern desktop screens
  15. Colors are not jarring
  16. Colors complement the brand
  17. Colors seem to belong in “the industry”
  18. The site is easily read on a mobile device (no need to zoom in by pinching)
  19. Images are clear, on-brand and relevant to the written content
  20. Page content is professionally written
  21. Page content contains valuable information
  22. Each page contains the type of content a visitor would hope to find
  23. Home page makes clear what you do, who you serve and what your unique value is
  24. Home page includes a local phone number that is easy to find and click to call from a mobile phone
  25. Home page includes some testimonials or reviews, or they are on a dedicated page
  26. Home page includes certifications, licenses, professional affiliations
  27. Home page includes your a map of your location or explains what area your service
  28. Home page includes primary and secondary calls to action
  29. About page introduces the history of the company
  30. About page introduces the owner and employees, if appropriate
  31. About page emphasizes the mission, vision or core values of the company
  32. Contact page contains a contact form and any other contact information included on the website
  33. The site contains appropriate calls to action on each page (Book a Call, Read More, Contact Us…)
  34. Calls to action are prioritized, making it easy to know which is more important
  35. There is one or more pages dedicated to services or products

Continual Website Care and Improvement

If your website ticks most of these boxes, find ones you can work on because website improvements prolong the life of your website, refreshing it with new content or updated looks!

Additionally, the more you update your site, the more Google notices you. It is an easy way to work on your search engine optimization.

Once you have hit most of these targets and your website is looking current, well-organized, well-built and safe for visitors make sure you keep your website software updated. It is the single more important thing to do to avoid getting hacked and disappearing from Google search results.

If you need help with website design, content improvement, technical improvements or software updates, book a brief call here to see if we can help.