A Beautiful Website Can Be Horribly Designed

Disappointed in Web Design.

How can a beautiful website be horribly designed? It’s either beautiful or horrible, no? It depends on your idea of beauty and design. I believe beauty is not skin deep and a good design includes meaningful content, easy-to-use navigation, appropriate branding and a search-friendly structure. So, if a design is only about the pretty wrapping…

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Local SEO: 3 Steps to Get More Web Traffic

Local SEO for Service Area Business or Local Store.

If you are a local business, reaching your customers online is critical to your revenue. Whether you have a physical location or visit your customers at their place, you can use local SEO tactics to improve your visibility in your community. We will cover the three main steps to get more web traffic with local…

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5 Reasons Why Web Design Is Important

Web design is important to attract customers.

Let’s understand why web design is important to your business. This way you can evaluate and improve your website, optimizing its role as your entry-level salesperson. A Common Mistake When you are growing your business, concern with web design can seem like a low priority. You may think, “Is web design really that important?” This…

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Local Business Website: Determine Which Type is Right for You

Business solution and strategy with jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Find out which type of local business website is right for you. Let’s identify your needs and translate that into the right website for you to grow your business and revenue. What kind of local business website do you need? The problem with websites is understanding what you really need. If you skimp on design…

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Essential Homepage Elements To Book More Calls

Entrepreneur booking calls from website using phone and appointment book.

Find out what essential homepage elements you need on your website to satisfy web visitors’ expectations, keep their interest, and get them to book more calls and appointments. Motivate in 3 Seconds Flat Website visitors are a restless bunch. A few seconds is all they give you to make a first impression, keep them on…

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What Happens If Your Domain Name Expires?

Expired domain name.

What happens if your domain name expires depends partly on your domain name registrar. A domain name registrar is where you purchased and registered the domain. (For example, GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap.) Each registrar has its company policies, but all have to follow a minimum of basic rules set by ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned…

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Website First Impression Confidence Checklist

First impression confidence like a child pretending to be a superhero.

Here’s a Website First Impression Checklist for confidence in your website. With most of these to-do’s checked off your list, your website will provide you with more confidence in networking and sales. Does your website put your best face forward when people find you online? Does it make potential customers feel confident hiring you? Does…

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7 Ways to Organize Website Content to Warm Your Leads

Organized website content is like searching organized folders.

Here are 7 ways to organize your website content to help people understand your services and the value you provide. Once you organize your content properly, satisfied website visitors will be able to find what they are looking for and will be more likely to take the buying journey a step further. Your content will…

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WordPress Website Maintenance Guide

Website maintenance activities.

You’ve heard you need regular WordPress website maintenance. What is that, and why should you do it? And how much do you really need to do? After reading this article, you will know why it is essential, which actions are non-negotiable and which other ones you might need depending on how you use your site.…

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