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Our Six-Point System for Website Services

Get a Solution Customized to Your Business

Your website is the main source of online information about your business and brand. You may post on social media, get reviews on Google Business Profile, join listing sites, and place digital ads, but your website is the hub of it all. It is the one place online where people can fully experience your brand.

With our six-point system, you understand what you need, build it and use it to get marketing traction. You can enter and exit anywhere in the system, depending on your needs. It’s really all about you!

Ask Questions. Get Ideas.

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Website Services in Brief

1. Website and Brand Assessments and Reports

Our Website Assessment covers technical aspects, overall design, brand and the SEO basics of your website. We tell you what it means in plain English and give you the booklet to keep.

SEO-Specific Assessment: There are four aspects of SEO to fine tune on your website: Technical, On-Site, On Page and Off-Site. The report outlines the meaning of the results clearly in understandable terms and the simple steps you can take for improvement.

2. Website Discovery & Strategy Session and Report

The Website Discovery & Strategy Session is highly customized to your particular business. We take stock, together, of your current website and marketing assets then use questions about your goals, services and clients to build a successful strategy for your website. You are free to take the extensive report and use it how you wish or engage us to do the work.

Ask Questions. Get Ideas.

3. Website Copywriting

Your Website Discovery & Strategy report gives us the knowledge of your brand we need in order to create copywriting that will impact your marketing. Addressing the motivations and problems of the clients you most want to attract, we create compelling copy that highlight's your unique difference.

4. Web Design and Development

Your Website Discovery & Strategy report is also the blueprint for your design and development. It tells us what your clients need to see and do on your site. The website is designed to get visitors into your sales pipeline.

5. Website Maintenance and Improvement

What you need most from website maintenance is security and that's exactly our focus. We also provide time each month for content edits so your website will reflect changes in your business. We call our maintenance Care Plans because we care for your site as we do our own.

6. Digital Marketing and Graphic Support

We offer digital marketing that will put your website to work generating leads. We can build blog content to grow visibility and authority. Or, use landing pages to widen the areas you are found in search. Growing your email list with lead magnets and landing pages is a way to "own" your pipeline for long-term marketing.

Ask Questions. Get Ideas.