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Website Services for Small Business and Construction Trades MetroWest, MA

A small, local businesses like yours needs a hands-off solution for website services so you can focus on your team and high-value clients. You need to attract high-value clients so your business can thrive. Often, you need to attract quality employees as well.

mhcDesign creates top quality, search optimized web design and copywriting focused on converting those ideal clients. We build your website to be part of your sales team and take care of the tech while you close the sale.  

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Let's dive into your goals to see if we can help. If not, we probably know someone who can.

Custom Web Design Helps You Attract and Connect

Attract the work and clients you prefer.

Custom web design is the cornerstone of our MetroWest website services. When we start your project, we dig into what makes your business and your clients tick, so that we can build your website on this understanding and better attract the people who need you.

Our clear copywriting positions you as the expert that knows and helps them. And our custom web design visually moves visitors through your site easily to help them understand the benefits of your services and motivate them to call you.

Each design is unique enough to portray exactly who you are, yet simple and standard enough so that visitors feel comfortable using your website to find the information they need.

Own a workhorse and a showroom.

Don't buy a website simply because you are supposed to have one. It should work for you, as if it were your employee or a valuable showroom. These website services can help you:

  • Drive more qualified leads and sales to your business
  • Show people you have what they are searching for
  • Speak to your best clients' preferences
  • Position you as an expert
  • Bring you customers from Google search
  • Be a showroom, storefront or office that provides information
  • Act as your assistant, booking inquiry calls
Wood Thingz responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Casaceli Construction responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Age-Friendly Institute responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone

Clear Website Copywriting for Search and Sales

Let them know exactly who you are.

Our MetroWest website services provide clear copywriting for visitor conversion and for search engines. Professional website copywriting is essential to clearly communicate your services and brand principles. Copywriting is included in your website proposal, except when you are providing your own professional-level writing.

We insist on a professional website copywriting because it is especially difficult to design and build an effective website around inexperienced writing.

Here's how our website copywriting moves people through your sales funnel.

Words can move you from being found online to presenting your value clearly to motivating clicks and calls.

  • Include the correct keywords to improve your visibility in search
  • Address visitor pain points to keep them interested and engaged
  • Write with a tone of voice that attracts your ideal clients
  • Show your business difference so you stand out from competitors
  • Write clearly and concisely about your services
  • Overcome objections to sale before they call
Upper Valley Press responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Grants Septic Techs responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Morich Electric responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone

A Website Redesign to Realign Your Business

Hey, time happens. Eventually you need to update that wardrobe.

You may simply need to "refresh" some content to bring your site up to speed with your current business. Or, you may need a total "redesign" because time has passed and your site now looks horribly dated.

After some assessment of your business needs and your website, we can help you determine which direction would be best for you. We have clients on both pathways.

In fact, many of our clients update their websites regularly in order to keep the site up-to-date and prolong the current design's life. 

Here's when and why to consider a redesign.

  • If you are rebranding your company, the overall tone and look of your website will need to be consistent with your new brand.
  • When your website is visibly outdated, it could leave visitors wondering if your company is alive and viable.
  • If you are not showing up in search, a website redesign may be needed to restructure the content or improve technical aspects.
  • When your site "breaks" frequently or is not accessible anymore, this could be because of age and outdated software that needs replacing.
Startline Painting responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Honoring Choices Massachusetts responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Grants Septic Techs responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone

Website Improvements Keep Your Business Humming

Website Improvements Keep Your Visitors and Google Happy

We are often asked if our website services include simply improving a site. Yes they do! Making continued small improvements to your website is the easiest way to stay fresh for visitors and keep on top of search engine optimization. If a website is receiving regular content updates, Google sees it as active and promotes it. If a slow website improves in speed, that's also a boost to SEO. And of course, being hack-free is of utmost importance to Google.

If you do something for Google, you are likely making your visitors happy too. Google's algorithm reflects its desire to serve up the businesses that will most help someone searching for a solution. It's a win, win!

Examples of Website Improvements:

  • Updates to business information and staffing show change and growth
  • Content improvements that show new or revised offerings
  • Content and technical improvements for Search Engine Optimization
  • Improve user experience to encourage people to stay on your site
  • Improve site speed to keep people on your site
  • New pages created or redesigned to better match your services
  • Gallery or portfolio added or updated with new projects to show off
  • Add an employment application to streamline your employment process
  • Add blog posts to be helpful and be seen as an expert
Honoring Choices Massachusetts responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Hands Face and Body responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone
Age-Friendly Rhode Island responsive website on desktop, tablet and phone

Client Love

For the last four years, Maureen's design and creativity has greatly contributed to developing our brand and fostered the steady growth of our website. She is highly professional, dependable, respects deadlines, and has been exceptionally responsive to last minute requests and emergency troubleshooting. Maureen brings a superior degree of integrity to her work whether helping with graphic design, illustration, web design and maintenance.

Ellen D.

from Google Reviews

Maureen helped bring my business logo and website to life. She's very knowledgeable in graphic and web design. She has a great imagination and does fantastic work. Maureen has been very accessible and accommodating to work with. I highly recommend her. Thanks Maureen.

Dustin S.

from Google Reviews

Maureen was a delight to work with AND she created a banner for me that was exactly what I needed. I LOVED it!! I was impressed AND grateful for her always diligent, clear, concise and gentle communication every step of the way as we worked together. I felt heard and respected whenever I had a question or proposed a different idea. She was very easy and flexible to work with. The finished product was more beautiful than I ever imagined. The banner was of great color and quality, easy to assemble and store in a well protected case. I couldn't have been more pleased. I highly recommend working with Maureen!!

Laurie M.

from Google Reviews

Omg you are the best! Compliments AND a beautiful brochure! So happy that we found you Maureen!

Laura J.

BNI Member
Content Strategy Certification
Digital Business Consultant Certification
Corridor 9_495 Regional Chamber of Commerce
American Institute of Graphic Arts member

Let's make something awesome.