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Web design and digital marketing can be confusing, costly and a little bit scary.

Find out what you need and what you don't.

Good Web and Marketing Choices

No more confusion. Clarify the best goals for your website and learn how to use it in digital marketing. mhcDesign has a simple but thorough web design system so you avoid common pitfalls with a website solution customized for your business.

Book a 15-minute call with no strings attached. Consider it a test drive. We are located in Marlborough, MA — between Worcester and Boston — and can serve your business remotely wherever you are.

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Only What You Need

Our six-point website and marketing system ensures you get what you need without waste. You can enter and exit this system at any point along the way to match your business goals.

  1. Web and Brand Assessments
  2. Web and Brand Strategy
  3. Website Copywriting and Copy Coaching
  4. Web Design and Development
  5. Website Maintenance and Improvements
  6. Digital Marketing and Graphic Support

Use web design to create a sales showroom and information desk.

When you get word-of-mouth referrals or meet someone at a trade show, they will likely check out your website to further judge your business. Your website is the one place you can display your difference and tell your organization's complete story.

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digital marketing helps people search the web.

Leverage your website in digital marketing to increase your reach.

When people find you online through search, they need to see you can provide the solution they seek. Steady, consistent digital marketing:

  • Builds lasting traction for your visibility online
  • Shows your best face to potential clients

There’s a lot to get right.


Startline Painting.
Travel agency website.
Desktop, mobile and phone website views of the Grants Septic Techs in North Grafton MA.
Trade Show Company Website.
CPN Accounting.
Desktop, mobile and phone website views of the Boston Concrete Artisans in Hopedale MA.

About mhcDesign

Located in Marlborough, MA, mhcDesign provides web design and digital marketing services remotely to clients anywhere. Using strategic design, copywriting digital marketing, your brand shines bright to attract your best clients.

Client Love

Maureen has truly been an instrumental part of our "team" for over 5 years. Her deep knowledge, valuable insights, and breadth of skills helped to establish our brand identity, articulate our value proposition to key stakeholders, and develop assets that allow us to better support them. Maureen offers exceedingly high value, dependable, responsive, and personalized work. It has been a pleasure having her as a creative partner and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

Kyle P.

from Google Reviews

Maureen did a great job with our website! She's friendly, responsive, and professional, took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for, and answered all our questions. Would definitely recommend mhcDesign!

Jaclyn C.

from Google Reviews

Maureen is wonderful! She helped us build our website and content out in many ways. One of which was simplifying information and structure our website in a way which is user friendly. Since then we have gotten more traffic to our website and online bookings. We are looking forward to continue working with Maureen and growing our online presence in this new virtual world many of us now live in.

Grant's Septic

from Google Reviews

Maureen is a delight to work with. She has an amazing patience for working with owners who know what they need but don't know how to get there. mhcDesign offers unparallelled support to businessses in the residental construction trades, providing an uderstanding unlike any I have experienced for the tight schedules of business owners working hands-on in the field. My client uses her services to build and expand his business and in his first season working with Maureen, has seen outstanding results.

KC Solutions

from Google Reviews

When you hire Maureen, you get so much more than you realized. Not only do you get a beautiful, well-organized website, but she knows how to make it SEO friendly and get visitors to take action. She makes your website work harder for you. As a fellow marketing professional, I am constantly amazed by Maureen's breadth and depth of knowledge about great websites. Especially if you are in the trades and just need someone brilliant and responsive to get this done, you need to hire Maureen! You'll get higher quality clients if you do.

Christina F.

from Google Reviews

Omg you are the best! Compliments AND a beautiful brochure! So happy that we found you Maureen!

Laura J.

Our foundation is backed by a billionaire family so we could obviously afford anyone. But we choose MHC Design. It is because they don't just go the extra mile, they go the extra mile every single time! We couldn't be more pleased…

Stevie C.

from Google Reviews

Maureen is a patient and detail oriented web designer. She thoroughly reviews all the notes and requests you have and incorporates them seamlessly into an awesome website! Give her a call if you are looking to get your website done.

Mayari's Voyage

from Google Reviews

Maureen is amazing! She gets to the heart of what you're looking for with lots of detailed questions. Her design is awesome and her professionalism is second to none! I highly recommend Maureen!

Gina A.

from Google Reviews

For the last four years, Maureen's design and creativity has greatly contributed to developing our brand and fostered the steady growth of our website. She is highly professional, dependable, respects deadlines, and has been exceptionally responsive to last minute requests and emergency troubleshooting. Maureen brings a superior degree of integrity to her work whether helping with graphic design, illustration, web design and maintenance.

Ellen D.

from Google Reviews

Maureen was a delight to work with AND she created a banner for me that was exactly what I needed. I LOVED it!! I was impressed AND grateful for her always diligent, clear, concise and gentle communication every step of the way as we worked together. I felt heard and respected whenever I had a question or proposed a different idea. She was very easy and flexible to work with. The finished product was more beautiful than I ever imagined. The banner was of great color and quality, easy to assemble and store in a well protected case. I couldn't have been more pleased. I highly recommend working with Maureen!!

Laurie M.

from Google Reviews

Maureen helped bring my business logo and website to life. She's very knowledgeable in graphic and web design. She has a great imagination and does fantastic work. Maureen has been very accessible and accommodating to work with. I highly recommend her. Thanks Maureen.

Dustin S.

from Google Reviews

Content Strategy Certification
Digital Business Consultant Certification
American Institute of Graphic Arts member.