Graphic Design and Websites

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You know design matters.

Well-crafted, intelligent graphic design —for print and for websites—helps your business grow by creating customer engagement and trust. Your design project should be beautiful, enjoyable and useful. It should deliver content in a way that engages your particular audience, lets them know just who you are and makes clear what you offer. mhcDesign creates beautiful, functional designs for print or web. 

Need graphic design and printing?

First impressions count. A printed introduction to your business should be a thing of beauty to hold, view and read. We can help you make decisions for printing, paper and finishes to support a captivating design.

Creating or updating a website?

Besides looking good on all devices, your website also needs to be found by search engines and should be maintained for security. mhcDesign can help you with that.

Call for a free initial design consultation. That way you can see if we are a good match for your project.

— Maureen Ciaccio at mhcDesign, Marlborough, MA

Five people do a group fist bump. mhcDesign aims for success in graphic design and websites.

Why Work With Us

Partner with mhcDesign if you want a designer who

  • Is easy to work with on projects large or small
  • Will add insight about industry standards
  • Understands your project from your perspective
  • Designs for both print and web
  • Can provide web maintenance and SEO 

Contact us for a free initial design consultation.

Closeup of spiral notebook, pencil and pencil shavings. We start graphic design and websites by asking good questions and taking notes.

Our Philosophy

Good questions lead to great design. We start with why you need something and who you want to reach. Once we know that, then we can decide what to make and how to make it look great. 

Design should be beautiful but it's not just a pretty face. It serves an essential purpose in communication.

Contact us. Let's figure it out!

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Let's make something awesome.