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Leverage Your Website with Digital Marketing Services

Once you have a great website, it’s time to make sure people see it so they can become leads. Word of mouth, referrals and targeted direct mail are some simple ways you can begin to get visitors to your website.

Digital marketing including social media, search engine optimization (SEO), digital ads and email marketing are additional ways you can drive traffic to your website. Digital marketing can be simple or complex depending on your budget, competition and ROI goals.

Learn what is the best way to leverage your marketing assets and get support for using your website effectively in your efforts. Local search, blog posts, offer landing pages, lead magnets and graphic design are ways we support your website marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Targeted Visibility

If you invest in a website and no one can find it, you have just wasted your money. People are searching every day for a business like yours. Using the power of Search Engine Optimization, you can increase the likelihood of people seeing your website on search results. mhcDesign can optimize your website so the right people are knocking on your door regularly. This includes:

Slow and Steady SEO

The basis of standard SEO involves growing your website authority in search engines by working on key areas: the technical structure of your website, meaningful content, keyword strategy, and links from high quality websites to your website.

Consistency is key when growing lasting SEO. That's why we work at an affordable, moderate pace with you, transparently showing what we did, why we did it and how it is affecting your growth in search.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is about being found in your locality, region or service area. When someone searches for a solution with the intent of finding a local business to hire or buy from, Google serves up a special “3-pack” and "maps" section of nearby businesses above the standard search results. It is easier for a business to rank locally than nationally. You can start making headway on your own by getting reviews on your Google Business Profile.

Blog Writing for SEO and Brand Authority

Blog articles are a key way to build traffic and client appreciation at the same time. Double-dipping! Google likes it when you’re helpful.

People want answers. They go in search of them. How many times do you run to Google each day? If potential clients find answers on your blog, you just earned their respect. Your blog post brought them to your site and now they can enter your sales funnel.

mhcDesign can make sure you’re on a consistent schedule with a blog post once a week or once a month — consistency is key here. Over time, blogging is a sure way to make progress in search visibility while raising your authority and brand awareness in your industry.

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Landing Pages for Traffic and Conversions

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Build Your Service Area with Location Pages

If you are a service area business (you don’t have a storefront but travel to service a geographic region), this is a great way for people to find you locally. Did you ever see a website with a small list of towns they serve? That alone will not get the attention of Google. But, if town names have a link to a town-specific page, that has the potential to deepen Google’s understanding of who you serve and get you shown to a wider audience.

High-Converting Landing Pages

When you offers in social media or digital ads, it’s important to direct people to a great landing page. This way, you can more easily convert them without distraction. Clear content and design along with an understanding of your target market will make a difference in converting leads from your ad. Often you will spend less on ads if your page is optimized for the ad search term and market.

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Lead Magnets: Attract People Who Value Your Insight

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Build an Email List of Qualified Prospects

Lead magnets are short pieces of special content like checklists, cheat-sheets, step-by-step instructions or worksheets that attract people who value your insight. Grow your email list by offering a lead magnet freebie to download in exchange for someone’s willingness to subscribe to your emails. When your email campaign with helpful tips lands in their inbox, it creates familiarity and trust.

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