Portfolio Website

Responsive views of website on laptop, tablet and phone.

Responsive Website

For Photos By Sally Jeanne

Visit the Photos by Sally Jeanne website. (This link opens in a new tab in your browser.)

The Brief

Sally is a portrait photographer specializing in children and families. She captures great expressions and candid poses of her subjects. Photos by Sally Jeanne needed a portfolio website to showcase her photographs and provide information about Sally’s creative process and pricing structure.

Solution: Brand-Specific

mhcDesign crafted a website that would appeal to families of young children. Information is laid out simply and clearly.

Solution: A Responsive Website

This was important to Sally because many of her visitors use phones and tablets. Besides being good for her visitors, it's a must for good search engine page ranking. (A responsive website is easy to read on all devices.)

According to Statista, mobile traffic was 52% of all U.S. web traffic in 2018. Of course, every site we make at mhcDesign is responsive. Read more about our web design capabilities.


Responsive views of website on laptop, tablet and phone.
Detailed patterns and texture at top of website enlarged for view.
Full length of web page at desktop screen size.
Full home page on responsive website on a mobile screen size.