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Web consulting and design to reach and engage your customers.

Good words are invaluable and pictures are worth a thousand words. Well-tuned copywriting and graphic design creates customer engagement. mhcDesign creates beautiful, engaging content for your customers whether in printed material or on websites. As a result, we are able to coordinate your branding seamlessly across media. Additionally, we can provide solutions for marketing, web maintenance, SEO and fast, secure web hosting.

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Check out our capabilities and try on some starter ideas below.

The ideas and questions are for those who like to strategize first.

If you just want to jump in and let us guide you, we can do that too! We offer in-depth consulting services. Let us know how we can help.

View of designer working on sketches for print design or web design.

Print Design And Web Design

Print design and web design do have some different considerations. But the broader principles of design and visual communication apply to both printed material and the screen. We understand these principles at a deep level and use them to your best advantage.

A Good Eye Makes A Big Difference

User expectations of beautiful, effortless websites that provide good information have grown immensely in a short amount of time. Do-it-yourself tools to make your ideas come alive on websites or with quick printing are quickly becoming easier and more accessible. But the need for professional skill and visual judgment remains — a good eye makes a big difference.

Our Philosophy

Good questions lead to great design. We start with why you need something and who you want to reach. Once we know that, then we can decide what to make and how to make it look great.

The visual presence of your printed piece or website supports the content and meaning of what you offer. In other words, design should be beautiful but it is not just a pretty face. It serves an essential purpose in communication.

Here are some types of graphic design you might need for any media:

  • Visual design for communication using typography, layout, color and images
  • Logos, illustrations, icons, infographics, patterns and backgrounds
  • Photo retouching (adjusting color, lighting and "cleaning up" images)
  • Photo compositing (combining images)
View of responsive WordPress web design seen on three size screens. A laptop, a tablet and a phone.

WordPress Web Design

We build WordPress sites because it is a great "engine" to build upon. WordPress is an open source platform and is free for designers and developers to modify. Much of the functionality you will need is already built in. Therefore designers and developers can customize a WordPress theme without starting from scratch. We like it because its flexibility allows us to make stellar sites affordable and scaleable.

The WordPress community is large. In fact, the platform is currently used by 30% of the internet. This makes it easy to connect to professionals you may need now and in the future. Therefore the large, vibrant community increases the longevity of your site.

Creating a website for your company requires some deep thinking up front. It's your virtual storefront or office so you want it to be welcoming and clear for customers to know what you do and how to get around on the site.

Here are some questions that will help you start thinking about your site:

  • What would make this project a success? What do you hope to achieve?
  • What is unique about your business or what are its strengths?
  • Are there a few websites you admire? Have you visited the websites of your competition?
  • What are the types of information you need to have on your website?
  • Does a particular demographic, like age or culture, use your services?
  • What will people need to do on your site?
  • Imagine the details of two different types of customers using your site. What would each of them want to find?
A laptop opened to a screen showing an analytics for web maintenance.

Web Maintenance, Marketing, SEO And Site Improvement

Websites are dynamic bundles of information, growing and changing with your organization. So after we build a dynamite site, we offer to help it grow with revisions and blog posting. And we can keep it safe by providing fast, secure hosting and web maintenance. By tailoring web maintenance to your specific needs, you get the best value from our time.

Search engines want you to be full of relevant content, be fast, be secure and use keywords your customers use while searching for you. Here's a checklist of best practices to make sure you get found and remain secure.

We can help with all of these web maintenance and improvement items:

  • Create good content on your site. Search engines like good content — the kind your customer would like.
  • Post blog articles for increased SEO. Posts also position yourself as a knowledgeable business in your field.
  • Text should be structured for search engines and contain good keywords.
  • Optimize images to be good quality but small in memory (10-100 kilobytes for most images would be a good goal).
  • Choose a fast, secure host.
  • Choose a well-built theme developed with page-speed in mind.
  • Choose well-supported plugins that keep up with security patches.
  • Update often, for security reasons. Purchase a maintenance plan if you don't have time to do it yourself.
  • Insist your website contributors use good password practices to log in.
  • Integrate social media with your site and ask for reviews.
  • Set up Google Analytics for insight about site visitors.
  • Create goals for Google Analytics to track when someone takes a particular action on the site.
  • Register with major search engines and submit site maps to each.
  • Create a "Google My Business" page to show up in Google's special top section for local businesses.
Print design magnifying loop ready for designer to inspect cmyk dot pattern.

Print Design For Marketing Material

We prepare your printed marketing materials with the right layout and color settings so your products stand out. We can help you understand the many options, get informed quotes and make sure the paper you use is appropriate for your design.

There are many exciting, affordable options these days for short run printing. Large format prints, trade show banners, really cool stickers and all kinds of brochures to name a few. As with all design projects, we start with design research and ask you good questions to narrow down what the best type of product is for your goal. Then we create good content and a design that supports your communication.

Here are some starter questions to help you think about your project:

  • What would make this project a success? What do you hope to achieve?
  • What is unique about your business or what are its strengths?
  • How do you plan to use your print design or marketing material?
  • Do you have branding guidelines to follow or samples of previous work you would like to match?

Tell us your story.

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