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Responsive views of WordPress website on laptop, tablet and phone.

WordPress Website

For Honoring Choices Massachusetts

Visit the Honoring Choices Massachusetts website. (This link opens in a new tab on your browser.)

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a statewide non-profit organization providing information and documents to help people make a health care plan and put it into action.

The Brief

The website serves two distinctly different audiences. It helps consumers create documents and also assists care providers in helping consumers.

The client was growing and changing at a fast pace. So it was important to them to make simple changes on their own quickly and inexpensively.

They wanted mhcDesign to help them maintain and expand the site continually and create graphics to inspire, simplify concepts and explain directions.

Solution: User friendly navigation

To tame navigation through the large site,  we used a "mega menu". Hovering over a top menu item, you can see all the menu levels at once. There are sections for consumers and sections for care providers that are accessible to all.

Solution: Flexible growth

We used a WordPress page builder so that the client could easily make edits. They need occasional help to set up a page or style a section but can make quick changes and additions on their own.

Solution: Create interest and aid in understanding

mhcDesign chose photos and created graphics to engage visitors, to keep them moving through content and to aid in understanding procedures or concepts.

Visual aids like illustrations and custom designed icons explain concepts in a friendly way. And they create an upbeat atmosphere which encourages visitors to engage and learn.

Solution: Ongoing Consultation

Honoring Choices continues to grow and expand their programming. Website redesign is a periodic, ongoing process to present new and revised material in the best form for user experience.

Responsive views of WordPress website on laptop, tablet and phone.
View of the top level mega menu opened. You can see four columns, each with of pages.
Example of the opened mega menu used for this site.
Example desktop size screen. Colorful number icons next to engaging photos of people help simplify the story.
Sample page at desktop screen size.
Tablet screen size of WordPress website. View of text at top then videos of explanations in different languages.
Sample page at tablet screen size.