Sales Lead Website

Printing company website: desktop, pad and phone size

Sales Lead Website

For Upper Valley Press, Inc.

Visit the Upper Valley Press website. (This link opens in a new tab on your browser.)

The Brief

Upper Valley Press needed to replace a very old website. They wanted their new site to be contemporary, attract sales and tell their story — nothing cookie cutter. SEO was important because they wanted to expand their reach to a national audience. One more requirement was to provide an introduction for prospective employees and an application form.

mhcDesign interviewed executives and managers in different facets of the business to understand their full story. We found they had a unique combination of personal customer service, effective pricing and on-time delivery for both newspaper printing and direct mail.

Website Solution

The printing and direct mail departments needed their own dedicated pages. But, since equipment and services overlap, we described that connection on the services pages.

Upper Valley Press has 100% employee ownership. We highlighted that on the home page because stakeholder employees understand customer service is a key to company success.

We made sure the site had a solid foundation of keywords for organic search engine optimization. Then we provided a blog and a marketing plan to add to SEO continually.


The client loves their new site for two reasons. They can give prospective employees a great application experience. And the site shows customers just who they are and guides them to their main action: Quote Request.

As of this writing, the site has been up for 2 months. It has aquired 22 new valuable keywords in search results (started with 6) and rank on these keywords is growing steadily.

Printing company website: desktop, pad and phone size
Printing company services page