Infographic Illustration

People of all ages surrounded by the titles of community professionals

Infographic Of Community Network

For Honoring Choices Massachusetts

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a statewide non-profit organization that helps connect care providers and consumers, providing tools and documents for effective health care planning discussions. They needed an infographic to show, at a glance, these connections they help form. At the time, they had been using one that looked nice but didn't quite make the point.

So we went back to square one and took stock of what we needed. We needed something that represented consumers, a list of resources the community can provide and a way to show connections between organizations helping the consumer. Since Honoring Choices was already using a photo grid to represent consumers, we started with that. A circle layout made intuitive sense. We added a specific list of community resources to the circle for clarity. Then, to show connections, we added connecting dotted lines and arrows.

Adding verbal details, lines and arrows really made a difference for clarity. Now you can see community organizations connect to the consumer and they connect to each other. Goal achieved. Honoring Choices can use the infographic in presentations to explain their community networks: community organizations connect with each other in order to help an individual with their health care concerns.

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People of all ages surrounded by the titles of community professionals