Coalition-Building Website

Age Friendly Rhode Island Website: three screen sizes

Coalition-Building Website

For Age-Friendly Rhode Island

Visit the Age-Friendly Rhode Island website. (This link opens in a new tab in your browser.)

The Brief

Age-Friendly Rhode Island is a coalition of community and state agencies, healthcare and social service providers, older adults, advocacy and faith-based organizations as well as businesses, academic institutions and municipal leaders. They create partnerships, catalyze change, and build community that supports and empowers Rhode Islanders as they age.

They were just starting the organization and needed a website for visibility and creating a brand. It needed to appeal to Rhode Islanders and show that their efforts were based on research and data.

They also needed a tool for building coalition, bringing together diverse populations from around the state to get programs and legislation started.

Solution: Matter-of-Fact Visuals

For the visual design of the site, we used colors that Rhode Islanders typically identify with — blue water, sky and flat green land.  We used a matter-of-fact delivery of information, keeping the look simple, to the point and easy to understand.

Solution: The Blog

Although the body of the site outlines how the organization works and who is involved, a key element to the site's success is the blog (News). It is used to highlight age-friendly developments in Rhode Island and to get people involved.

The blog is integrated with MailChimp and social media. It can send automated email and social media aggregations at timed intervals. Specific recent posts show up in targeted areas of the site to help visitors exploring a particular subject.

Age Friendly Rhode Island Website: three screen sizes
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